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Who has not bought something online these days??? E-Commerce is an ever  growing phenomenon. Join us and offer your product online too!

E-Commerce and E-Business are not exactly the same.

E-Commerce and E-Business are often mixed up, however they do not mean the same. E-Business is the full automation of trading processes. E-Commerce is specifically the marketing, sales and distribution of products via online services & other networks.

If you have a web shop and trade online, then it is possible you are already using E-Commerce.

Advantages of E-Commerce as opposed to traditional trading.

Advantages of trading online:

Web shops have no opening or closing times.

Orders and questions can be submitted 24hrs a day.  The web shop owner dispatches the orders that have been made online, resulting in improved effeciency.

Better efficiency.| - E-Commerce.png

Outlet stores are no longer necessary, which increases efficiency through reduced personnel and stock requirements.  Any queries can be resolved online.

Wider range?

Storage room does not play a part in the web shop as you can order from your supplier as soon as you get an order online. This allows for a profitable market.

Opportunities for direct online marketing?

Customers can visit your web shop directly by clicking on the links and advertisements available.

Are you convinced of the benefits of E-Commerce for your company??

Then MD Services is the Internet partner for you. We would gladly inform you of the options available.