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The loyalty programme is designed to bring you closer to your target group.

As it gets easier for companies to enter the E-Commerce market, competition increases.

Recruiting new customers involves a lot of time, energy, online campaigns and Google optimisation. These are all expensive recruitments which is why it is important turn visitors into customers.  By having a large group of frequent customers, your online turnover becomes more predictable.

A loyalty programme is an excellent opportunity to achieve this. You can always try to bond with your customers through the experience, ease of use or service offered. However rest assured the competition will do this too.  You must be able to distinguish yourself from the competition. It has been proven that the way to win your customers is by using a loyaty programme to reward your customers for returning to your web shop!

How do you start a loyalty programme and which one is most suitable to you?

Here are some examples of the different loyalty programmes available:

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The programme you choose depends on your company, service or product, your target group and available resources. The most important consideration is of course what you want to achieve. There are some guidelines involved and although they don't guarantee success, they can help avoid mistakes. 

MD Services is experienced in developing and managing loyalty programmes for her customers.

Oracle, Unit4 & Cisco Systems are a few of the company’s who use loyalty programmes developed by MD Services.

Would you like to know more about the options available? Feel free to make a non-committal appointment with us to discuss them in depth.