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Research has shown that 66% of people decide to purchase an item in the shop itself, as opposed to 33% who made this decision beforehand.

In other words : 2 out of 3 customers can be convinced and  tempted to purchase more.
By organising your products logically, it is easier to tempt your customers.
This can either be done by merchandising, or by POS (Point of Sales).

Merchandising is the way in which you present and pomote your product. | - Merchandising.jpg
It encompasses the way you hang the item in the rack, your pricing levels, the  ‘special offers’ and how these are presented.

It has been proven that merchandising can have both a positive and a negative effect on consumers. Goods which have been well merchandised sell much better than those that have not.

POS Materials

POS materials stimulate sales in your shop.  Ranging from flags and banners to signs and folder displays, they are placed along the path the customer is likely to take.

The way your products are presented and displayed can have a huge influence on what your customers think of your shop.

MD Services can share its knowledge with you on how to do this for either your shop or event.  We can take control of everything for you,  providing you with feedback on effectiveness and the merchandising.