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Promotional Items

Choosing a promotional item can be easy when you know who your target group is, however it can be extremely difficult when it is a B2B (business to business) gift. What kind of promotional or give away gift do you give your suppliers, investors, business partners or company partners?

There are various reasons for B2B promotional gifts.

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They can be given to business partners or company partners as a sign of appreciation, a supplier in order to stimulate business, to promote your own business... Or to celebrate a successfull year.

What is the difference between B2B promotional gifts and B2C (business to consumer) promotional gifts?

Ball pens, crayon sets, key rings and the likes are more B2C gifts.

B2B gifts are the types of gifts which will impress the other party. These gifts are usually more prestigious and of higher value.

The gift you choose depends on who it is for. The type of gift you would give a potential customer at an event, for example, is very different to the type of gift
you would give a company partner as appreciation of working together.

Whilst keeping your budget and target group in mind, MD Services focuses on finding the most suitable and unique promotional gift for you.

MD Services can deliver your business gifts and promotional items.  View our online catalogues for all your requirements.

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